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One key unlocks your past to reveal our joint vision - your personalized, design story.


The second key opens the door to the execution of your personalized, design story.


The concept behind Two Keys began with a visit from my friend and photographer Glenn Cook, who took the gorgeous photographs you see on my site ( During the photography session, we stopped to chat at length about various things Glenn found in the rooms.


Glenn told a personal story about Louisiana politician Russell Long, brother to Huey Long, who is depicted in a signed and framed George Rodrigue print in my formal living room. We giggled about our political differences, when he saw the ceramic, white elephant hanging in the dining room. He questioned my love for the Saints, when he saw my oversized, fleur de lis painting in my family room.


Glenn observed and emphatically stated that my home reflects me, my family and our cultures. Had I done this by accident? I think not! I had successfully unlocked my past and then executed my personalized, design story.


I hadn’t solely filled my home with just pretty things, but filled my home with a story about me and my family – my past.

Your story is an important component to my design process.  I want to include your story on whatever scale, for which you are comfortable. You don’t have to follow my overzealous lead with seven George Rodrigue pieces of art in your living room!


Overkill? Maybe, but it reflects my love for Rodrigue’s art, which in turn reflects my past and love for Louisiana.


Maybe there’s one only thing from your story you want to share. Maybe there are two dozen. Either is fine.


Maybe it’s time to remove special items from the attic?


Maybe it’s time for you to tell your story, as well?


Two Keys represent your past and future.


Two Keys represent our joint vision and execution.


Two Keys represent you and me.


I will envision, execute and share your story through a redesign of your home, whether it's one room or your entire home. Also upon completion of a successful design journey, who wouldn’t want to unexpectedly discover a pair of vintage keys buried in their home?


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